Hello Sugar Creek Property Owners. You may recall that our 2024 rates of service for Waste Management were extended to 2025. However, somebody or something was missed in the actual recent billing and Sugar Creek customers were mistakenly billed with an increase. No need to worry though. Our WM Account Manager and P.O.A is on top of things and has already rectified the situation. Below is his message to Jack Titone (President of the POA).

I just finished a Microsoft Teams chat with the manager of the billing team and she is having one of her staff pull the quarterly billing file for Country Club of Sugar Creek and apply a credit against all accounts for trash service, and an additional credit for those 68 that also carry the optional recycle. Oddly enough there was not change to the yard waste charges so the 9 residents that also carry yard waste were invoiced correctly for that optional service.

These credits will post to each respective account so residents can feel 100% comfortable remitting the same amount they did for the April/May/June service invoice. The credits will cover the additional amounts charged.”

The Board strives to be responsive to your needs as we are able. If you have any questions please pass them along via the contact form on the website or to a Board member when you see them. 

Thank you,

Your Board of Trustees