Update Waste Mgmt Info 4/22/24


After working with the team at Waste Management the Board has some additional  information – and some good news – to share with you. Below is information directly from our WM Account Manager that may ease your minds as we transition to WMs new way of doing business. 

  • The new trash truck will be a front-load truck that has an automated collection basket in the front of the truck. 
  • This new truck runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of the traditional diesel fuel. As such it is quieter, cleaner, and better for the environment. 
  • It does a much better job of distributing the weight due to it’s wider wheel base so it is much more “road-friendly”, causing much less stress on the road over time
  • Because of the way the trash is compacted within the truck, there is almost zero chance of any inadvertent leakage from the truck seal that may have occasionally occurred in your Association. So while physically larger, it is actually easier on your roads and quieter.
  • The way the trucks collect using the automated system will greatly reduce the amount of time they are in your Association. This may or may not be much of an impact, but again, the less time our trucks are on your roads, the less the impact on those roads.
  • Because the trucks use the automation, it is necessary to have residents use the WM toters. They are specifically made to be emptied with the automated collection. 
  • The one cart we have provided does not carry any charge. It is provided as part of the service. The only time any resident has to pay for a cart is if he/she wants a 2nd cart. We specifically use the 96-gallon carts as they provide maximum weekly capacity for practically every home. We specifically priced these additional carts at only $1.50 per cart per month in order to make them very affordable for folks that may need them.

Additionally, our Account Manager with Waste Management, understanding that this transition is challenging for our home owners, and after much dialogue has generously offered to extend our current contract – without a price increase – from our current end of contract of June 1, 2024 to July 1, 2025!

As your Board, we endeavor to respond quickly and consistently to your concerns. 

Change is always challenging but it is unavoidable. We will not be able to go back to smaller trucks and the personalized service we all enjoyed for so many years. On the plus side, the new trucks will take less physical toll on our roads and we will enjoy our current pricing for an extra year. Hopefully, within a few months of using the new containers we will all forget that these issues were ever a concern.

Happy Spring to all!