Happy summer to all!!

Spring is already sprung and we are into summer here in Sugar Creek. Along with summer comes the possibility of continuing severe weather events. If you had been getting severe weather notifications from the county but noticed they have stopped it’s because the county switched systems. As far as we know, they did not provide warning they were switching, but Mike Cushner (our Treasurer) noticed the lack of notifications and did some sleuthing to figure out how to fix the issue.

You can sign up for notifications by going to the Jefferson County 9-1-1 Dispatch web page (link embedded in text). You will be required to create an account to sign up for notifications (or sign in if you already have an account). If the link doesn’t work for you, here it is without being embedded:

Hopefully, the rest of the summer will bring mild weather without sweltering heat and cool nights. But that’s not likely, so it’s good to get a heads-up to have time to get vehicles inside garages and plan to be in a safe place for bad weather.

Hoping everyone has a great summer, happy and safe Fourth of July and that we all get some R&R before the fall rolls around again. 