As we go into warmer weather there will be more homeowners and children walking and playing outside, it is important to remember what the POA Covenants say about dog  ownership AND what this means for YOU.

The applicable Covenants are listed below, but here’s what you need to know to be a good neighbor and avoid any fines or having Animal Control/Police called in reference to your dogs.

  1. Don’t allow your dogs to be a nuisance. If they’ve been in the back yard barking for 15 minutes they might be considered a ‘nuisance’.
  2. Your dogs must be ‘restrained from running at large and kept at a location not viewable from the roadway’. Clearly, with our particular kind of fencing the dogs will be ‘viewable’ from the roadway, but they MUST be restrained at all times and they may NOT be allowed to run ‘at large’ in your front yard, where they will become a ‘nuisance’ for neighbors walking by your home.
  3. If your animal is off your lot it ‘must be leashed’.

If you are in violation of the covenants listed below you will be notified to correct the situation. If you do not correct it you will be fined $50 for every incident reported after the initial contact from the Board.

Neighbors – if you are walking the neighborhood and feel physically threatened by a loose dog please immediately call

  • Animal Control at 636-797-5577 (10-4, Monday-Friday). If Animal Control is closed please call
  • Jefferson County Police at 636-797-9999 (non-emergency number).

Your safety, and the safety of your family and pets is of utmost importance. Take action to remain safe. If you can safely get a photo or video of the offending dogs, do so – but ONLY if you can do so safely. Please ALSO complete a complaint form and send it to the Board of Directors so we can also take action.

6.18 Animals. No livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept upon or within any Lot. Domesticated dogs, cats, or other household pets may be raised and kept provided they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial, breeding or business purpose, and in the judgment of the Board, are not a nuisance to the other residents; and in no event shall more than three (3) such animals be maintained on any Lot. Domesticated dogs, cats, or other household pets must be restrained from running at large and kept at a location not viewable from the roadway.

6.18.1 Any animal off of its Owner’s Lot or out of its owner’s unit must be leashed.