Welcome to Your New CCSC POA Community Website

Written by: Board of Trustees

Most of what you’ll see on the new website was already on the old website, but perhaps in a different form. We wanted to create a site that is ultimately easier to use and that moves more quickly. We also wanted to improve the space to help our community connect on a regular basis and get involved to enhance what Sugar Creek has to offer. 

What We Have Added

There is now an opt-in for a monthly Newsletter so you will be informed when we post a monthly blog from the Board.  You will need to provide us with your email to receive the Newsletter in your inbox. This Newsletter/Blog is where you might find the musings from the desk of one of the Board members (on a slow month) and/or very important information regarding issues facing the community. We can’t promise the writings of Walt Whitman or George R R Martin, but we will do our best to keep you well informed.

What We Have NOT Added

We have not added an open forum for property owners. The biggest reason was because the cost was prohibitive. However, keeping track of a forum would also require hours and hours of unpaid admins to review every post, and then every response. Anyone who is on social media knows that when we get behind a keyboard we sometimes say things that are unkind, off topic and get ourselves (and others) in challenging situations. Even withOUT a forum, if you have a pressing issue that you feel needs to get out to the neighborhood, please contact a Board member and we’ll work together. (An example would be if you were noticing vandalism near your home and wanted to warn others or ask if anyone has helpful information.) 

How Else Can We Utilize the New Website?

The Board consists of 7 property owners who work completely on a volunteer basis. When everything is running like a well-oiled machine (rarely) we each put in an average of 3 hours of Board related work on a weekly basis. When we’re preparing for the annual meeting, requesting bids for the upcoming mowing season, and working behind the scenes on other issues that require trips to the bank or coordinating efforts between us and the book-keeper, etc, the hours multiply.

We are thankful to the property owners who take the time to inform themselves about the POA budget, outstanding issues and then attend the annual meeting. However, we need your time, input and help throughout the year.

Have you ever considered getting involved by starting a book club or hosting a game club (Bunko went away during covid, but maybe someone would like to start it up again?). Do you have an interest in local – or foreign – travel, and would be willing to organize a trip for a few people? Maybe you have a passion you’d like to share – knitting, scuba diving, gardening, golfing (of course!), hiking, bible study, biking, cars, poker, volunteering for your favorite cause – whatever! We have over 200 properties, many with more than one resident. This means we have people who are just waiting for the right opportunity to get involved and connected.

In Closing

Truly, our goal is to have a safe, respectful and beautiful community. That requires a consistent amount of communication between neighbors as well as between the membership and the Board. Whatever the past has delivered, we are dedicated to moving things in a positive direction, even if it’s at glacial speed. We have an aging population and we will best help one another by being available, by connecting through community activities, and staying informed. Cheers to a new 2024 and to our new website!


Your Board of Trustees